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Somewhere between third and fourth phase of modifications, I've replaced front caliper to four piston Nissin from Suzuki GSF 1200. Brakes became much better.
Additionally, I've mounted antivibration dampers made from brass and new grips - Kuryakyn Iso Flames.

During this phase, I'll change triple trees to 6°.

Triple tree maker is GZM, I've bought it in Bikercom shop. Changing triple trees is more complex operation that it could seem - with triple trees I have to replace headlamp and speedometer.

I've decided to buy fork extensions also. Why fork extensions, and not longer forks? Well, I'm not sure how the bike will handle. If everything will be ok, I'll order longer forks. If not - I'll remove extensions and put back old triple trees ;)

Bike on the lift. Let's start.
Headlamp unmounted. Wiring is... "beautiful". To put all this back to headlamp, I guess I'd need hydraulic press or something.
This is how looks inside of headlamp in two years old japanese bike. Is Suzuki getting closer and closer to the "legendary" quality of Harley?
Wiring taken of from triple trees. In the minute I'll unmount handlebar.
New triple trees fitted.
Closer look on new triple trees.
Fork extensions mounted, front suspension fitted to triple trees. Handlebar temporary mounted. Risers are poking out the triple trees - I guess I'll have to replace risers? I made leather washers to protect the surface of the triple trees.
Bike with new triple trees. I'm waiting for new headlamp.
Risers are tightened with the hexagon screws - temporary. I've already got the M12 screws with hexagon sockets, so they fit holes in the triple trees.
Miniature speedo Motoscope Tiny. Firstly I wanted Motoscope Mini, but I found it not a good option for the chopper. The mount will be more filigree.
Closer look on the speedo. I mounted it to check if I properly measured holes in the mount. I'll continue working over the mount.
Side look. As you can see, front wheel is more forward. Turning radius is much larger. Front fender will be mounted back - I'm riding during rain too often.
Totally awesome new headlamp. The wiring won't fit inside, so I'll have to make changes - I'll put the connectors under the frame neck covers. Headlamp is made of alu!
Maker: Russ Wernimont Design.
All threads are in inch size standard. I have to design and make (or order) a mount that will fit headlamp and triple trees.
My project of new front brake rotor. I wonder how it will work :)
New front brake rotor. Photo received from Alonzoo, just before he sent it to polishing. It should be ready soon :D
New speedo mount. Material - polished aluminium. Used tools: table drill, hand saw, miniature chisel, small files, sand papers, polishing paste.
Speedo fitted to the new mount. Risers won't be changed - I'll shape them on a lathe, then polish.
Dismounted wiring between lamp and tank. I'm designing new wiring diagram. The quality of original wiring I'll pass over in silence.
New handlebar internal wiring. Cables had to be much longer than original, because connectors are moved under the frame neck covers. Cables are LIYY 12x0,5mm2.
Turn signal fuse will be 5A instead of 10A - enough for LED turn signals and better protection for thin cables. I used relays for headlamp and horn.
I made cables with inox covers, it looks better than regular black shrink tubes. I bought water hose with inox cover, removed endings, torn out rubber hose and put cables inside. After stretching the cover, I've secured it in place using thin copper wire and short shrink tube.
I've mounted speedo steering switch at the bottom of the right handlebar switch. Yellow part that can be seen in the handlebar is the antivibration damper made of brass.
Connectors moved from headlamp under frame neck. Loose cables are for headlamp. Cables are grouped in two parts and putted around air filter element.
Two cable groups. Cables to the left handlebar switch are to the left of air filter element, rest is to the right.
Handlebar mounted. It can be easily seen that bases of risers is out of the triple tree. You can also see that fork extensions do not fit ideally.
Headlamp cables are in inox cover also.
I've prepared the headlamp mount design. It will be made of aluminum on CNC machine.
Speedo is connected. Everything works. Speedo sensor is not mounted, I cannot find tap for M5x0.5 thread.
After a long search, I've eventually found M5x0.5 tap, so I could start with speedo sensor.
Instead of using provided magnet, I've bought strong neodymium magnet with screw hole. I've made a hole with M3 thread in rear brake rotor. Do not use force when mounting neodymium magnet, as it's fragile and can be easily broken - ask me how I know this :) Instead, use loctite or glue to protect magnet from un-screwing.
Speedo sensor was mounted in rear caliper bracket. I've made hole with M5x0.5 thread. Warnig, this bracket is made from very soft aluminium, so better use good quality tools! When tapping, make small steps and use kerosene for lubriacting, not oil! And try to blow the chips very often.
Sensor was mounted using loctite and two locknuts.
After mounting sensor, it's cable was set alongside with brake line and secured using cable ties. Near the rear brake reservoir, cable was set to the upper part of frame and then alongside with original wiring.
Polished front brake rotor. Photo received from Alonzoo.
Headlamp bracket; it will be polished.
Brake rotor mounted to the wheel :D
Bike assembled and taken off from the lift. What is left to do:
  • Buy longer front brake line
  • Put risers on a lathe
  • Finish polishing of aluminium elements
Closer look to brake rotor
Proud maker with his work of art ;)


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