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Here it came :)

First look: gee, covered with so much dust... Rag in hand and clean.
Hm, I thought she would be bigger.
Quality on the firs look - Suzuki's regular, so even with blindfold I could point typical flaws.
I'm sitting on her. OMFG, this handlebar sucks.
Choke, key, button, OMG, this is 1400? Sounds like big scooter. Exhausts will be cut, I know it for sure.
First gear CLANG (well, well), seco... Ah, no, neutal. Se... Se... Se...cond. OMFG, this handlebar really sucks. Third gear, well, the end of street. Oh! Brakes! And they WORK! Shock! :O
First gear, turn back, se... se...se... DAMN! ...cond. What the hell is wrong with this gearbox? Oh, well, maybe it's because the engine needs breaking in. Have I already told you that this handlebar sucks? No? Well, it does.
Let's fly a little. Work, city, traffic jams etc. Wow, she pulls as mad, one can feel those two pots with capacity of good whiskey bottle each. Quick look in the mirrors - well, nice shouldes I have. Regulation and... Did not help. I cannot see what's beyond me! I see some to the left, some to the right but instead of seeing what's beyond me, I see me. This handlebar su...
Well. It's not so bad as it seemed. Rider position is a little bit folded and handlebar is narrow, so the wind does not bother much. Handlebar seems to be neutral, not interferes handling. Forward controls so close to rider are good for rutted road...
I have strange conclusion: S83 IS NOT A CHOPPER. Yeah, I know - chopper is a motocycle that has front wheel , but riding S83 is not a riding chopper! It's a naked bike looking like chopper. S83 can ride, turn and break! And is able to jump on rear wheel using only throttle roller, but don't tell it to anyone ;)
Comparing to Mobster, S83 seems to be more gentle - Mobster was swashbuckler, wild and rough. S83 is somewhat calmer, but... accelerates much better!
In the corners, S83 reqiures firm using of countersteering. She does not like riding below 10km/h, handlebar is not made for this.
It's all in the heat of the moment. Summarising:
+ All :D
- Slipshod finish
- Handlebar too narrow for lower speed
- Mirror steems too short
- Exhaust too quiet


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