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First phase I started before warranty runned out. Because of this, all modifications I've made was done in such way that in case of need I could easily get back to original state.

Most of parts I bought in USA, thanks to my friend Gradus, who lived there. He made orders, received parts and sent to me. I do not have words that would describe my appreciation for all this help :)

Why I preferred to buy in USA? Well, I don't know why, but even parts made in EU are much cheaper in USA. I would understand this if the difference were in VAT, but in some cases parts in USA were 60% cheaper than in Europe!

About prices of Suzuki genuine parts, I've even created simple algorihm to calculate price in polish authorised service station. Alogrihm is as follow:
Take price in USA (lets say, 99 $).
Change $ sign to € sign (99 $ => 99 €, nevermind the real € to $ ratio!).
Multiple result by current PLN to € ratio (99 € => 400 PLN).
And then, multiple result by TWO (400 PLN => 800 PLN).
Real PLN/$ ratio is about 3 PLN per 1 $, so in Poland I'd have to pay equality of 267 $ for the part that in USA is 99$.
Hey, seems to me that we are rich bastards here :D Pity I don't feel it when I get my salary ;)

Okay, back to the modifications.
In first and second phases I made following changes:
  • Highway Hawk Tech glide forward controls (25 centimeters forward)
  • All additional reflective elements unmounted and trashed
  • All the ugly plastic turkey's eggs, for some unknown reason called "turn signals", removed and trashed
  • Original license plate light removed and trashed
  • Kuryakyn turn signal mirrors
  • ShowChrome Angel mini marker modified for LED as the rear turn signals
  • Screws with LEDs as license plate lights
  • Wide blade Kuryakyn levers
  • Genuine Suzuki saddlebag support
  • Original plastic toolbox ("tools" - yeah, right) removed
  • Highway Hawk chrome plated toolbox
  • Genuine Suzuki air filter covers
  • Plastic caps replaced with alu caps from Coroner Motorcycle
  • Barrel ignition switch cover from Coroner Motorcycle
  • Highway Hawk Dragon Pipes exhaust
  • A lot of trivia stuff - covers, chrome brackets etc.
Several photos:

And this is how I looked when I finished:


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